Cinco De Mayo

Dr. Dobson joined in with Issa Arnita and Nicole Hunter to help celebrate the Mexican holiday "Cinco de Mayo" with The Bajio Trio. Mexican food was abundant and supplied by the Bajio restaurants. 

Dr. Dobson also brought her cat, "Fluffy" and discussed cat health care and seasonal concerns. Now that the warmer weather is here, cats also need protection from fleas and other parasites. To learn more about what you can do for your cat, visit our Pet Articles section for more detailed information.



Pet Food Recall & Lyme’s Disease Info

Today on KUTV with Issa Arnita (Anchorman) and Lindsey Storrs (Weather),  Dr. Dobson discussed the Pet Food Recall and the latest updates so pet owners could make informed decisions when it came to buying their pet food. More information on the Pet Food Recall can be found in our Pet Alerts section, including lists of all recalled pet foods and treats.

Dr. Dobson also addressed the issue of Lyme's Disease and it's prevention. Pets are also vulnerable to this disease spread by ticks so proper preventative measures need to be taken, especially at this time of the year when the weather gets warmer. More information on Lyme's disease and its prevention can be found in our Pet Articles section.


Dr. Dobson Makes Her KUTV Debut

Dr. Dobson & Issa Arnita

Dr. Yoeny Calas-Dobson and Issa Arnita Live on KUTV-Channel 2

Dr. Yoeny Calas-Dobson made her TV debut today on KUTV Channel 2 News This Morning. Interviewed by show hosts, Issa Arnita (Anchorman) and Lindsay Storrs (Weather), they discussed basic pet care needs for those who have received an animal or new pet as a holiday gift.  Dr. Dobson stressed the importance of having all animals checked by a veterinarian to ensure proper health care. Having your new pet vaccinated and microchipped was also recommended.  Dr. Dobson also brought along "Jericho", a 9 week old chocolate lab puppy that she gave to her mother as a Christmas gift.

Dr. Dobson will be appearing regularly on a monthly basis on KUTV Channel 2 News This Morning on the first Saturday of every month to discuss pet related issues. If you have a question you would like to have answered on the show, go to: and fill out the email form.  Dr. Dobson and KUTV Channel 2 welcome your comments and questions, and look forward to addressing them on the show for their viewers.

Would snake farm devalue property?


By Jeremy Twitchell
Deseret Morning News

MAPLETON — Though some issues surrounding an application for a snake farm here have been resolved, the local planning commission could not answer questions about possible effects on property values — questions raised by highly resistant residents.

      After three and a half hours of tense public commentary and deliberation, the Mapleton City Planning Commission on Thursday voted 5-2 to continue consideration of Dan Sutherland's application to set up his snake-breeding business in town.

Mapleton council limits snake farm size

It's time to hibernate, and some of Dan Sutherland's pythons will be allowed to come to Mapleton to do it, though probably not enough to make his business work.

The Planning commission decided Thursday that 212 small animals are allowed. The Sutherlands, moving to the city from California to establish a snake farm, can decide on the combination of animals they bring. Dan Sutherland said the number decided on by the commission isn't enough to run a successful business.

The decision was made in a council room so full that lucky residents who found seats first were asked to give them up for senior citizens.