Doggie Blood Donors …Are They the Right Blood Type?

ImageHistorically, veterinarians have always relied on their own pets when blood was needed for trauma cases.   But today, animal blood banks are helping insure that every pet has access to these life-saving fluids.   From blood drives to blood typing, these innovative companies are preventing the loss of lives! Through natural disasters, wars and even terrorist attacks, victims have always counted on blood banks to provide these lifesaving fluids.  Countless human lives have been saved, but what about our pets?  If your dog needs blood, is your veterinarian prepared?  Will your cat need a “kitty blood drive”?

Colby didn’t appear nervous at all.  He remained still as the nurse stuck a needle into his vein and continued to calmly lie there as his blood flowed into the collection bag.  It was as if he knew his donation could potentially save a life.  When his contribution was complete, the nurse helped him off the table and Colby ran to his owner, tail wagging the whole way!