Extending Your Dog’s Life

ImageWhen something good comes along, it is only natural that we want to keep it around as long as possible.  This is especially true of our pets.  Advances in veterinary medicine have nearly doubled the life span of our dogs, but is it possible to do more?  As the aging process is better understood, new therapies and supplements are developed, each promising to add year’s to your pet’s life.

No one likes to think about a beloved pet growing older.  We cringe as the once exuberant puppy needs help up stairs or tires after a short walk.  Anti-Aging medicine is the newest clinical medical specialty offered to physicians. So, why don’t we hear more about this for our pets?

Pet owners are demanding a higher quality of medicine for their pets and human medicine is moving from a disease-based model to a preventive, proactive approach.  Shouldn’t our veterinarians move in this direction as well?