Holistic Veterinary Medicine…Helpful Treatments or Terrible Hoax?


Photo by CPAW, Inc.

For many pet owners, the mention of holistic medicine conjures up images of incense-filled rooms with baskets of herbs and a multitude of candles.  But, increasing numbers of pet owners actually seek out veterinarians who incorporate alternative or complementary therapies in their practice.  Is there science to support their beliefs?

In our westernized society, alternative forms of therapy and medicine are often viewed with suspicion and occasionally, outright disbelief.  Practices like acupuncture, acupressure or even homeopathy have many critics.  Still, when it comes to resolving their pets’ ills, some pet owners are willing to take a chance on a non-traditional treatment.

Holistic medicine is generally defined as medical care of the whole pet, including environment, social and personal factors as opposed to the focus of treating just the disease.  Integrative medicine embraces both conventional Western styles with holistic practices.  Many people refer to non-traditional medicine as alternative or even complementary medicine.