Provo vet treats pets with acupuncture

Daily Herald  August 24, 2009   Monday Close-up

Provo vet treats pets with acupuncture

Bentley hobbled into the room, his hips stiff and his back legs dragging behind. He made it slowly to the veterinary tech's leg and looked up at her, begging for a scratch behind his ears. His tongue hung out of his mouth and he sat down, exhausted from the walk from the car to the front desk of Riverwoods Pet Hospital in Provo.

The 8-year-old English bulldog has tried several kinds of arthritis medications since the arthritis started setting in three years ago. Nothing seemed to help the inflammation in his back hips. His owner, Kendra Pierce, decided to try the acupuncture.

"He thinks he's a puppy and runs around and then can't get up," Pierce said.

Five years ago, Dr. Yoeny Calas-Dobson integrated traditional Chinese medicine into her daily practice of western medicine.

"I believe in Western medicine like blood work, X-rays and antibiotics, but I began to think, 'What else can I do?"' Dobson said. Before integrating acupuncture and aquapressure, she did a lot of research and training and now believes that acupuncture makes Western medicine that much better.